What is a Merge Field?

What is a Merge Field?

Have you ever used mail merge? This is a similar concept to using Zola Suite's Document Templates.

Zola Suite uses Merge Fields to add Matter specific values to Document Templates. For example, if you need to insert a primary client's name somewhere in a document, copy and paste {{Matter.PrimaryClient.FullName}} into the Word document.

When generating the document from that template, Zola Suite will pull down the "value" that corresponds to that Merge Field, and fill it in without needing to manually enter in those details!

There are 2 types of merge fields in Zola Suite:
  • Standard Merge Fields:
    • Firm Information (i.e. Firm Name, Address, Phone)
    • Matter (i.e. Matter Name, Number, Attorney)
    • Matter-Related Contacts (i.e. Primary Client Name, Primary Client Address)

  • Custom Merge Fields:
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