What is Split Billing and How Do I Use It?

What is Split Billing and How Do I Use It?

Split Billing allows you to divide the invoiced amount for services and expenses on a singular matter between multiple parties. 

First, make sure Split Billing is enabled on the Matter-Level. This can be done when you are creating the matter under the Billing section.

*If the Split option is not toggled on, it can not currently be turned on after the Matter is created.

After you create the Matter, you will see a new tab labeled "Split Billing." Click on that tab to set up the clients that will be billed for this Matter, along with their percentages and any other details for their invoices.

The first client field will default to the Primary Client of the Matter. Then, you will be able to add as many additional billing clients as needed.

Specify how the fees and expenses will be divided among all billing clients. The total must add up to 100%. Since a fee or expense may not divide evenly based upon set percentages, the Remainder toggles need to be set on each for one client.

Rate Card

Rate Cards can be applied individually as opposed to on the Matter level. Split billing will take the Rate Cards associated with each billing client into account and adjust the invoice accordingly. 

Preferred Billing Method

You can also specify the preferred billing method for each client. 

Invoicing Split Bill Matters

Once your Split Billing has been configured on the Matter-level, you can generate invoices as you normally do.  It will generate a unique invoice for each billing client listed with its own unique invoice number. Each invoice will include the Matter, as well as each individual billing clients’ contact information.

Creating a split invoice will create a new sub-Matter that is tied to the original Matter.
Split Billed Matters creates separate invoices for each client, according to their splits. So in a 50/50 split, a 1-hr time entry will reflect as a .5-time entry for each party on their invoice
You cannot select specific time/expense entries for the parties to invoice individually.  In other words, if there are 4 entries, you cannot invoice 2-entries to client A, and 2-entries to client B. Each client's invoice will have 4-entries according to the splits. 

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