What is the Account Reconciliation Report?

What is the Account Reconciliation Report?

The Account Reconciliation Report is used to ensure that both your Zola Suite Register and your bank account transactions are in agreement.

To start the reconciliation, click the + sign in the top right hand corner of the report header. 

Here, you will select the bank account you wish to reconcile within Zola Suite (dropdown) and enter the bank account ending balance as of the ending date. The starting balance will populate automatically using your last reconciliation's ending balance. 

Click Reconcile.

This will then bring you into a screen that will allow you to specify the date range of transactions you are going to reconcile. You then must check off anything that has been cleared or will be cleared (within your specified date range) on the bank end. If everything is properly recorded in Zola, your Zola books and your bank account should be in agreement, giving you a $0 difference.

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