What Is the Billed and Collected Report?

What Is the Billed and Collected Report?

The Billed and Collected Report provides an overview of billed totals and collected totals for fees by invoice date and collection date respectively. This report can be generated by the User, Practice Area and Location.


  1. Filter By: The date of the invoices or payments. (If an invoice has a payment that is outside of the selected range it will not be include in the data. The same is true with a payment that has an invoice outside of the selected range)
  2. Compare Date/Comparison Period: This allows you to compare the date of the above date range to another.

    For example, to compare totals from last year to this year, the “Compare Dates” option will provide a side by side view of totals, as well as the percentage in which the amounts increased or decreased.

  3. Originating Attorney: List of Users that have been selected to be an originating attorney of a matter.
  4. Responsible Attorney: List of Users that have been selected to be a responsible attorney of a matter
  5. Billing Attorney: List of Users that have been selected to be a billing attorney of a matter
  6. Client: List of all primary clients of a matter
  7. Practice Area: List of all Practice Areas added in the Firm Settings
  8. Location: List of all the Locations added in the Firms Settings

Group By: 

  1. This allows you to see the data by the User, Matter, Client, Responsible Attorney, Practice Area or Location.

  1. Billed Amount: Total amount that was invoiced for all the matters that the specific Group By option is related to
  2. Collected Amount: Total amount that was collected on the invoices for all the matters that the specific Group By option is related to

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