What is the Bulk Billing Center and How Do I Use It?

What is the Bulk Billing Center and How Do I Use It?

 The Bulk Billing Center allows you to automatically print or blast email all of your clients whose billing preference is set to Email PDF with their respective invoices or statements of account. These emails with the invoices attached will be sent to the billing contact listed on the invoice’s matter.

Before you can start using Zola Suite's Bulk Billing Center, you will need to verify your domain first. To learn more about verifying your domain, click here 
To use Zola Suite’s Bulk Billing Center:
Choose whether you would like to Email or Print your invoices/statements. (Please note if you would like to email your invoices using the Bulk Billing Center, you must be enrolled in either our Enterprise or EnterprisePlus packages)
Choose Invoices or Statements of Account. (Statements are only sent to those who do not have a new invoice in the given date range, but they do have an outstanding balance.)
Choose whether you would like to exclude invoices that have been previously sent. If this is not enabled, any invoices that were sent out in the given date range will be sent again.
Enter your date range and click Next.

This screen will allow you to filter your invoice by any of the above criteria. If you are looking to only send invoices/statements for a specific Responsible Attorney, Practice Area, Matter, Client, or Billing Group.
Click Next.

This screen will bring you to a list of all of the invoice/statements that are included in this batch to be emailed or printed.  You can click into the matter or invoice directly from this window.

The final screen before blasting will allow you to customize the sending email address. This can be your email address or an email address you have designated for accounting purposes. If this is the first time sending your invoices and you would like to receive a copy of each email sent, enter your email address into the BCC field within the Blast Email Options of the Firm Settings.

You can customize the subject and body, as well. If you would like to address this email to the recipient. Then, you can use the copy icon to the right of the Recipient Name and paste the merge field into the body of your email. This will automatically insert the primary client or billing contact’s name for each respective invoice that is to be sent out.
A payment link can also be included if you are signed up with APX. Just click the copy icon to the right of the payment link to insert it into the body of the email. When payment is made through this link, the status of the invoice will automatically be updated to be marked as Paid. 
To learn more about APX click here.
Lastly, be sure that the ‘Include PDF’ option is enabled in order to ensure the invoices or statements will attach themselves to the emails that are about to be sent out.
Click Blast & Close and voila! Your invoices have been sent. 

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