What is the difference between Work Categories/Type and “Services”?

What is the Difference Between “Work Categories/Type” and “Services”?

“Work Categories/Type” and “Services” serve two different purposes within Zola Suite. Work Categories/Types are mainly used for hourly billing, while Services are for a flat fee service.
  1. A “Work Category” would be the type of work or task you are doing as you bill hourly. For instance, you might create separate work categories for “meetings”, “drafting”, “discovery”, “court appearances” and even “phone call with client.” When you use the time-keeping feature, you will have the option to associate the time-entry with a matter and include a work category, helping you to stay organized. This time entry will be placed in “Unbilled Time” within the Time Section where you can easily generate a new invoice for the work completed.

  2. “Services” on the other hand are meant for flat-fee work. For example, you might have a basic estate planning package that you offer to clients for a flat fee of $2500. You might also assist clients with uncontested divorces for a fee of $3000. In these cases, you would simply create a separate service for each. When you want to bill for these services, you can either create the Flat Fee as a billable line item from the Time Section and bill it with your other matters, or go to the Accounting Module to Invoices and Payments and create a new invoice from scratch. 

Both “Work Categories” and “Services” can be created within the Firm Settings section under Billing and Accounting.

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