What is the difference between a Pending Matter and an Open Matter?

What is the difference between a Pending Matter and an Open Matter?

When you create a new matter, you may assign a status to the case.

You will find three options here:
  1. Open
  2. Pending
  3. On Hold
  4. Closed

There is often some confusion regarding the difference between Open and Pending. Generally speaking, Open should be selected once your firm has been formally retained. A Pending status may be assigned to a matter when the firm has yet to be retained but there is some data or information pertaining to a case (e.g. after an initial consultation but before a retainer agreement has been executed). Once a matter has been resolved, the status should be changed to "Closed."

"On Hold" is an additional option that can be used as well. "Closed" and "On Hold" matters will not display in active matter dropdown menus. This will limit you from creating time entries or assigning emails to those matters. 

Time entries can be created from "Closed" and "On Hold"  matters directly within the matter details page.

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