What is the Split Compensation Report?

What is the Split Compensation Report?

The Split Compensation Report is one of Zola Suite's advanced reports that allows you to see data by user for matters that they are a responsible or an originating attorney for. (if they billed for a matter that they are not an originating or responsible attorney it will not be included in this report)
If your firm uses both responsible and originating attorney fields please note that this report will pull the total of the invoices split up by responsible attorneys plus the total of the invoices split up by the originating attorneys


  1. Filter By Date: The date of the invoices or payments. (If an invoice has a payment that is outside of the selected range it will not be include in the data. The same is true with a payment that has an invoice outside of the selected range)
  2. Partner: List of Users that have been selected to be a responsible or an originating attorney of a matter
  3. Billing Type: Multi select list of billing types that a matter could be: 
  4. View Payout Details: Provides you with the payout amount based on what is set on the matter level.


  1. Attorney Billed: Total amount the specific User invoiced for any matter they are a responsible or an originating attorney. 
  2. Attorney Collected: Total amount the specific User collected on the line items that were invoiced and payment was applied to for any matter they are a responsible or an originating attorney.
  3. Matter Billed: Total amount that was invoiced for all the matters that the specific User is a Responsible or an originating attorney. 
  4. Matter Collected: Total amount that was collected on the invoices for all the matters that the specific User is a responsible or an originating attorney. 
  5. Responsible: Total amount that was allocated to the specific User from all the matters they are a responsible attorney for. The sum of their responsible rate for each matter times the total collected amount for that matter.
  6. Originating: Total amount that was allocated to the specific User from all the matters they are an originating attorney for. The sum of their originating rate for each matter times the total collected amount for that matter.
  7. Payout Amount: Some firms will pay attorneys a percentage based on what was collected for matters where they are listed as the Originating or Responsible attorney. Within the matters' Advanced Origination Options, you can define the percentage that they are to receive. For example, if Attorney A is set to be a 50% Originator with a payout of 10%, the payout amount will equal 10% of 50% what has been collected in total for the matter.
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