What reports does Zola Suite offer?

What Reports Does Zola Suite Offer?

Are you looking to run reports based on the information you have entered into Zola Suite? If you go to the Accounting section you will notice that Zola Suite offers 4 different sections of reporting:

Client Reports

  • AR Aging Summary - The total amount of unpaid invoices grouped by Client, Matter, are various levels of delinquency.
  • Statement of Account - List of invoices and payments for a particular Client or Matter.
  • Sales Tax - Shows information about sales tax amounts collected for a particular duration.
  • Client Payments - A listing of all payments from Clients.

Productivity Reports

  • Referral - Realized and unrealized revenues from Matters introduced by specific referral sources.
  • Originating Attorney - Realized and unrealized revenues from Matters, grouped by Originating Attorney.
  • Work In Progress - Summary of un-billed fees and disbursements.
  • Timekeeper Productivity - Review billable hours and realization rate by Timekeeper.
  • Fee Allocation Report - Detailed View of Fees, Soft Costs and Hard Costs that have been collected by Matter and User.
  • Billable Hours Recap -  Daily, Weekly and Monthly view of Billable and Non-Billable Time Entries by Timekeeper.
  • Billed and Collected - Billed and Collected fees grouped by User, Practice Area or Location.

Accounting Reports

  • General Ledger - A complete record of transactions, grouped by accounts.
  • Profit & Loss - Also known as an Income Statement, shows your total income and expenses over a period of time.
  • Balance Sheet - A statement of the assets, liabilities, and capital at a particular point in time.
  • Trial Balance - A listing of the last balances for each account as of a particular date.
  • Chart of Accounts - A listing of all accounts used in the general ledger.
  • Vendor Payments - A listing of payment totals made to Vendors and Contacts.
  • Account Reconciliation - A listing of all reconciliations.

Trust Reports

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