Which MFPs Is the Ricoh Instant Scan Integration Compatible With?

Which MFPs Is the Ricoh Instant Scan Integration Compatible With?

As of June 2020 the following devices are compatible with Zola Suite.  Newer devices released after this date should also be compatible. 
  • MP C2004ex
  • MP C2504ex
  • MP C3004ex
  • MP C3504ex
  • MP C4504ex
  • MP C5504ex
  • MP C6004ex
  • MP C2004
  • MP C2504
  • MP C3004
  • MP C3504
  • MP C4504
  • MP C5504
  • MP C6004
  • MP C6503
  • MP C8003
  • MP C307
  • MP C407
  • MP 6503
  • MP 7503
  • MP 9003
  • MP 2555
  • MP 2595
  • MP 3055
  • MP 3095
  • MP 3555
  • MP 3595
  • MP 4055
  • MP 5055
  • MP 6055
  • IM C2000
  • IM C2500
  • IM C3000
  • IM C3500
  • IM C4500
  • IM C5500
  • IM C6000
  • IM 550
  • IM 600

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