Why am I seeing duplicate transactions when using Download and Review?

Why Am I Seeing Duplicate Transactions When Using Download and Review?

Through our integration with Plaid, you may from time to time see what appears to be a duplicate transaction in the download feed. These are in fact not true duplicates, but are based on the status of the transaction at the time you perform the download.

The bank account download and review will show two different transactions if a transaction is pending at the time you perform the download vs. if it has cleared. 

Each time you click on download and review, the bank sends over the 500 most recent transactions to be downloaded into our system. This is a pure download and not a live update of the transactions, meaning when a transaction is pending, the bank sends that to us to display. Once the transaction clears, the bank will delete the "pending" transaction and create a new one. That new "cleared" transaction will then get sent over to us the next time you click on "Download and Review" since it is technically a new transaction on the bank end.

On our end, we do not delete any transactions, we simply display the newly downloaded ones. The previously downloaded transactions will remain as is.

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