How to Integrate Quickbooks Online with Zola Suite?

How to Integrate Quickbooks Online with Zola Suite?

With the Zola Suite and QuickBooks integration you can have your approved Zola Suite invoices forwarded over to your QuickBooks Online account. This will eliminate any need to re-enter billing information into QuickBooks, making you much more efficient!
  • When a new client that is not present in QuickBooks online is billed in Zola Suite, the new contact will be created.
  • Any approved invoices will be sent to your QuickBooks Online account
  • Edits/Deleted Invoices will be synced as well 

How to Connect your QuickBooks Online Account

  • Enter your Firm Settings

  • Select the QuickBooks tab on the left menu

  • Select Connect Account

  • After authenticating, you will be prompted to map your Zola Suite transactions to a QuickBooks Product/Service. The mapping is based on your Quickbooks folder names.

  • Confirm changes by selecting sync.

  • Now, any created invoices that are approved will be sent to your QuickBooks Online account!

Any additional Accounting Information including invoice payments will not sync with QuickBooks Online. Any new/edited records on QuickBooks will not be reflected in Zola Suite

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