Zola Suite Support

Zola Suite Support

If you are in need of any assistance or would like to submit feedback please contact our support team:

General Support

Zola Suite’s Client Success Team provides support to all of our clients from Zola’s headquarters in NY.

Billing Support

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    • How Can I Use Contact Tags?

      Zola Suite includes a tagging feature that can be used to help categorize and search for Contacts. This feature can be used to create and export contact lists. A tag is a self-building library of keywords that the system will remember and allow you ...
    • How Do I Install the Zola CRM Web Form on My Wordpress Website?

      Zola CRM will allow you to manage your leads. One way that leads can enter your funnel is from your website Zola CRM has the ability to capture web form data and place it into the CRM seamlessly using Gravity Forms as the web form creator and our ...
    • What Types of Email Accounts Does Zola Suite Support?

      Zola Suite's email client is designed to work best with G Suite accounts and Office 365 account through Microsoft. We are able to connect with other accounts via IMAP, but this is not recommended. Learn how to set up your email account in Zola Suite
    • What are Zola Suite's System Requirements?

      Are you concerned that Zola Suite may not work with your computer, or will require you to get new hardware? Zola Suite is 100% cloud-based and works with most systems. For optimal performance, we recommend using Google Chrome, however, Zola Suite is ...
    • How Do I Scan Documents From a Ricoh MFP to Zola Suite?

      Overview Zola Suite has an integration with Ricoh Multi-Function Printers (MFPs) to enable scanning and OCRing of documents directly into a Matter's Document section. Supported Devices Refer to this document for supported Ricoh devices.   This ...


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