Zoom Integration Documentation

Zoom Integration Documentation


This application will allow Zola Suite users to integrate with and generate Zoom Meetings for events created within Zola Suite. The meetings can then be joined using the meeting information provided within the event description. Zola Suite will also update the Zoom meeting times automatically if the originating event's timings are updated or edited. This allows users to seamlessly create and manage Zoom Meetings through Zola Suite.


  • Log on to Zola Suite

  • Navigate to Firm Settings 

    • Drop-down menu on the top right of the screen, under user’s avatar.

  • Navigate to Events & Calendar Rules → Zoom Integration

    • This page can be used to Enable and Disable the option to integrate with Zoom for the Firm’s users.

  • Click the Enable Zoom Integration button to initiate integration.

  • Once Firm-level Zoom integration is enabled, please navigate to the User Settings modal.

    • The option right below Firm Settings in the drop-down menu on the top right of the screen.

  • Within the User Settings modal, navigate to User Preferences.

  • Click on the Enable Zoom Integration button.

    • This will open a pop-up window (please allow the pop-up for Integration to proceed). The user will be redirected to our application installation page on Zoom Marketplace. 

  • The user shall log on to their Zoom account and allow permission to integrate with Zola Suite.

    • If the Zoom account in question was previously used to integrate with Zola for a different user, the (previous) user’s integration will be disabled and will be replaced by the current user.

  • On successful installation, the page will redirect to the Zola Suite Dashboard.

    • For any questions or concerns, please refer to the “Contact Support” section in this document.


  • Log on to Zola Suite

  • Ensure that Zoom Integration is enabled by the Firm and the logged-in user has successfully integrated with Zoom

  • Navigate to the Create New Event Modal

    • From Add New Entry Button on Nav Bar

    • From Create New Entry button in Calendar section on Dashboard

    • From Create New Event button on the Calendar page

  • On the New Event Modal - click on the “Generate Zoom Meeting Link” button. Zoom event information will be displayed within the Event Description.

    • Please refrain from editing or changing the Zoom Meeting Information within the event description as that would render the Zoom Meeting Information useless. 

  • After saving, navigate to the event in question and use the “Join Meeting Link” or the Meeting ID along with the Password to initiate the Zoom meeting. 

    • Upcoming and scheduled meetings can also be viewed via the user’s Zoom Account by navigating to My Account -> Meetings, on Zoom’s webpage. (Only on the event owner’s Zoom Account). 

  • Updating the date and time of an event with an existing Zoom meeting on Zola Suite will also update the meeting’s date and time on the event owner’s Zoom Account.

  • Please refrain from updating the meeting information within Zoom as it will not update in Zola Suite.

Disconnecting the Zoom App from Zola Suite:

  • Log on to your Zola Suite Account and navigate to the User Settings Modal

  • Navigate to the User Preferences section within the User Settings Modal 

  • Click on the “Disable Zoom Integration” button

Uninstalling the Zoom App:

  • Log into your Zoom Account and Navigate to the Zoom App Marketplace.

  • Click Manage -> Installed Apps or search for the Zola Suite App

  • Click the Zola Suite App

  • Click Uninstall

Contact Support:

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